A Biography of Sorts

Name: Ignatia Strigha

Occupation: Student

Home Base: Pittsburgh, USA

Basic Information:

First of all, I never was nor will I ever be computer savvy, hence the rather lame look and feel of this blog. Maybe if it were to gain a little variety or notoriety, I will learn how to make it look more awesome. That being said, let us proceed.

The goal of this blog is to show how my life has been and how it will proceed. It will have photographs, tales both old and new, and updates on my endeavors to get back to Japan and create a band. Or just my adventures on trying to make something of myself. This blog will also include overall reviews of bands in addition to updates on singles that have caught my eye.

I have been to Japan three times in the last two years, each for a duration of no less than two months and the maximum being nine months solid. I do speak Japanese, to be more specific I speak with a Kansai dialect. I also speak a little Italian and Spanish, owing to have studied abroad in Europe some time ago.

Musically, I am a bass and piano/keyboard player. My ultimate dream is to someday join a rock band. Ideally, a visual kei one, though, to be honest, any kind of music will suffice. I can even play ska bass, which is incredibly enjoyable. I follow Japanese bands such as Versailles, Deluhi, Aicle., Heisei Ishin, Nega, The Kiddie, back-on, muramasa, oreskaband, Vidoll, Nightmare, The Gazette, etc. I am very picky when it comes to Japanese music, as I have been listening to it for over ten years now. I know what sounds good to me, and when a band shows up on the scene with something AMAZING, I will follow them until their break up or until they cease to be executing songs of interest. Non-Japanese bands I follow or listen to frequently include The Who, Queen, ZZ Top, Killswitch Engage, AFI, Three Days Grace, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Spectrum X, etc. There are simply too many bands to list for both categories, so don’t assume I am limited by the scope of bands I have named.

Fashion-wise, I am rather tame during the school day. It’s a side effect of too many early classes and too many late-nights. When I have time, though, I venture into the punk-lolita side of Harajuku fashion, with many belts and grommets and big, clunky boots. And corsets. Did I forget to mention corsets?

At any rate, this is who I am. If you have any suggestions for postings or questions, feel free to send me an email!


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