JET Orientation, Tokyo

So I have just finished my JET Programme orientation in Tokyo, and I have a few things to say about it:

  • I realize every placement is different. As such, STOP GENERALIZING.
  • Jet lag makes people skip.
  • Tokyo being Tokyo makes people skip.
  • Does everyone really have to wake up by 7 for breakfast?
  • How did some of these people get on the program?
  • Stop generalizing situations.
  • I want to do Karaoke, so make time for Karaoke.
  • Why do we have to check our bags the night BEFORE we leave for our placements?

Ignoring that, it seems that I have managed to find a drummer and a guitarist for the band. However, it is under the condition that it is done for fun. I can live with that for a while, but if I end up moving to Kansai, that won’t really work for me, will it…? Will keep you posted!



  1. La Carmina Said:

    You were only in Tokyo very briefly, eh? Did you get to meet up with anyone? xoxo

    • Ignatia Said:

      Only two people…basically it was a whirl-wind of a time, and I was stuck in orientation or dozing off due to jetlag most of the time. I did swing by closet child, but there was nothing I wanted…

  2. kertz Said:

    What music are you exactly interested in? I mean can you tell me the bands you are more influenced from?

    • Ignatia Said:

      Haha, I was actually going to do a post about it once I was settled. I’m most influenced by rock and metal, but really the kind that experiments and plays with the structure. I really like Japanese visual kei music, especially bands like A&D, NEGA, ARC, HERO, Aicle. and Gazette. American bands: Killswitch Engage, Coheed and Cambria, Rise Against (are they American?). Non-American: Nightwish, Eluvitie, Rammstein, Within Temptation, etc…

      • kertz Said:

        They are nice bands! But I doubt if except Eluvitie and Rammstein any of them ever tried anything different or did any experiments with music. Rise Against is American and are quite good.

        I have never listened to any Visual Kei band, it sounds more visual than their music! I would prefer a simpler look but anyway that’s a personal preference.

      • Ignatia Said:

        Well, Japanese bands are interesting in that they sometimes have concept albums allowing them to explore another method. It’s pretty fun, and I’ve been following several since they first began (namely A&D, as I was at their very first live performance).

        Lately the style has become very toned-down across all of visual kei. At times it’s disappointing, but then again it’s not always about the makeup. Deluhi is definitely more into the music than the look, so I recommend them.

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