Hisashiburi ya nen…

Well, it has been nearly 4 months since I last posted. Sorry about that, but life went to hell faster than I could keep dibs on. But after struggling through an insane thesis, research problems that would boggle your mind, and an insane restaurant gig, I’m back! With results!

Last time I posted, I explained the JET interview for CIR. My results were: I got into JET, but as an ALT for Taiki-cho in Hokkaido.


Taiki-cho is about an hour south of Obihiro on the eastern part of Hokkaido. It is known for….dairy farming. Yep, my neighbors will be cows and volcanoes (though I truly don’t mind either). The apartment is brand new, sitting on the riverfront, and the car…well, the car is used but in good shape. I’m also extremely close to an airport that will get me down to Kansai or Tokyo every-so-often.

I’ll primarily be teaching middle schoolers, however I also have one day a week where I teach elementary classes AND conduct my own adult English classes. On my own. Without help from another teacher. INTIMIDATING!

Since I am about 3.5 hours from Sapporo, I’ll be looking for a bass and piano teacher in the Tokachi sub-prefecture and bandmates out in Sapporo. If I can find a band, then I will be spending long weekends in Sapporo and teaching on weekdays. This will be all on top of finding a steady job, mind you!

All in all I am grateful for this opportunity, and though I am crazy-far-out-there, I think this will be an overall great experience. Plus, in all the downtime, BASS PRACTICE TIIIIME!

Oh, and my latest outfit creation (because I’m sure you all know and care about how I dress):

New Ero Loli?

New Ero Loli look?

On top of that, if you are curious what else I did in the last few months, check out this page on La Carmina:


Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing the latest single by Suicide Ali (Stitch Doll), so stay tuned! ❤


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