I’m Back!

And I have returned! I came down with a very high fever and a bad case of the midterms, so I have been avoiding the internet like the plague. But now, I have some time, so I am going to continue with this blog! Let’s go!

So, I have worked out the JET situation. I will be interviewing for CIR (Coordinator of International Relations), which is a position working in an office rather than as an English teacher. Since I really don’t want to teach English, I am thrilled that I was selected for an interview! I bet it’s because I worked in BNY Mellon in Tokyo for the summer….Hmm…At any rate, Japanese is required for the job. Which leads me to my next point.

JLPT. Japanese Language Proficiency Test. 日本語能力試験.

I failed it. By 10 points. Because of the damn vocabulary section NOT having kanji to help me identify the words. I plan on not bringing this up in my interview, as it is very embarrassing and might hurt my chances.

The way JET works is thus:

90% of all JET participants are ALT (Assistant Language Teachers), and 10% are CIR. Taking the exam is highly recommended for qualifying yourself as being at a certain level of Japanese. Obviously, I suck. My plan is to ace the English portion of the interview and make them think that I am a completely normal and sane person, and if I bomb the Japanese portion…..maybe they will still hire me?

I have begun my Japanese review for the interview, and also done a mock-run with a member of the Asian Studies staff. She gave me hope…..so help me believe in me!


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