And I manage to mess up JET already…

So, as you know, yesterday I received confirmation that I will be interviewing for the JET program. What that email did NOT specify was whether I would be interviewing for CIR (Coordinator of International Relations) or ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). On my application, I selected CIR with the option to more to ALT if my application was not strong enough. The email was generic, and since it matched with my friends who all applied for ALT, I assumed that I, too, was selected for ALT. I booked a plane ticket with a friend, and booked an interview.

Today, though, I recieved an email that my interview had been cancelled and that I needed to rebook as a CIR. I had sent an email to confirm in the morning, due to feelings of dread last night. To my horror, I had only one day to interview for CIR left avaliable: Tuesday, Feburary 16th. In other words, the day of a midterm with my thesis adviser. NOT GOOD. Now, there is all sorts of drama going on with the plane ticket, mostly because my friend is scheduled for a Friday interview and now I a Tuesday, but we are booked on the same ticket. The airline will not let us split apart, so my friend is trying to either switch her interview time or just cancel the flight as a whole….I feel terrible, as this is my fault.

At any rate, they let me keep the interview despite my messing up the time booking. So, maybe, with any luck, I will be returning to Japan as a CIR instead of an ALT! Wish me luck! With everything….. >.<



  1. lacarmina Said:

    It’ll be ok!! 🙂 It’s stressful now and the mixup may cost a bit more money, but in a few weeks or so, you won’t care at all — your thoughts will turn to things like what to pack for Japan… XD

    Wishing you luck!!

  2. Darlo Said:

    Damn that’s unfortunate >_< Hope things work out

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