And so it all begins…

Kobe Illuminarie, 2008

Illuminarie, Motomachi, Kobe, 2008

Kobe. I spent a year in this port city. In Uozaki, near Rokko Island.

My year abroad was nothing but an eye-opening experience. I went to concerts at least three times a week, at least one usually being free. I met Japanese people of every variety, from the hard-core sweet lolita to the ditzy law student to the aspiring musician with a lolita-complex. I slept in a Buddhist temple on Koyasan and piggy-backed through Hiroshima. I lived with four host-dogs that were both the most adorable and most annoying things I have ever encountered. I grew up during that year abroad.

Because of my time in Japan, I slowly woke up to the realization that I love music. Music, to me, is vital for living. I want to pursue it in some way, shape, or form. I play piano, and re-started my bass lessons. Though the going is slow, I have confidence that, when given the opportunity and a little instruction, I will be more than able to make the cut.

This blog will be about my pursuit of my dreams, sprinkled with stories I have written. Read, Enjoy, Comment. Be aware, though, that flamers will be deleted.

Sea Turtle

Kaiyukan, Sea Turle


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